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Prospect of E-Commerce in Bangladesh

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Life is getting busy day by day, right? Besides, the more older people get, they begin to realize time is the most precious thing on earth. They need to get things within no time. Also, most people don’t like to  shop in a crowd market place. Besides, lets not talk about traffic jam in Dhaka 🙂

That’s where e-Commerce come to the mind of customers. They can check all of their desired products staying in their home or offices. They can read others customers review about their desired product. And ultimately they can get their product relatively at low cost.

Now, lets talk about why eCommerce will boom in Bangladesh from the business owner’s perspective. Dhaka is the main business hub here. It has small area with lot of population. Having a place to start business is really tough here. Besides, rent for any space is too high. Doing business with these high cost is almost impossible for many small business entrepreneur. But guess what, eCommerce made that really simple to start business with almost no capital!

In summary we can sum up that eCommerce prospects in Bangladesh is bright.

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